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Collection ⋮ xi ⋮ released on August 24th

Collection ⋮ xi ⋮ released on August 25th

This collection consists of 7 Necklaces.
All pieces were created during a 3 month long period in different coutries.

I also added a flexible price function to many pieces and to the prints, which allows you to choose a price you want to pay from a list.

Here is the list of all pieces:

⋮ Descension ⋮ Bone Necklace
⋮ Emergence of Evil ⋮ Bone Necklace
⋮ Necrocosmos ⋮ Bone Necklace
⋮ Obscure Essence ⋮ Bone Necklace
⋮ Passionate Abominator ⋮ Bone Necklace
⋮ Sadogoat ⋮ Bone Necklace
⋮ Serpent’s Path ⋮ Bone Necklace
Vika // Imago Mortis Collection XI

Info: Due to corona chaos it is possible that I may not be able to ship to all countries. Please note that I can withdraw an order if the shipment to the respective country is not possible or way too expensive due to corona extra fees. In such a case, I will contact you of course.